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Atens is the number one company for the production of beneficial microorganisms for agriculture, with the most advanced technology in the sector, Atens produces products of incomparable quality compared to its competitors.


Given the growing interest in sustainable alternatives fertilizer for agriculture and the rapid growth of this market, Atens needed to consolidate its position as a leading company through a renewal in its communication strategy. In this market, new players and competitors emerged by entering with intense marketing initiatives, but with products of much lower quality of Atens. All of this ended up damaging the entire biofertilizer sector.


Thus, Atens needed to implement a market repositioning for its corporate brand, putting it above its products, and helping to reinforce the original values of the company and to connect with its value.


After a deep study of the company and its market, we detect that:

1) Atens is a family-owned business, just like agricultural producers


2) Atens shares with its entire value chain the love for the land, the sacrifice and the effort to build an agriculture that feeds the people of the planet


3) The 3 main values of Atens are:

• Cutting-edge research: a company that leads in knowledge about microorganisms worldwide - 4 omic sciences

• Own manufacturing and quality: the best production methods and technology available in the market of agricultural microorganism

• Sustainability: agricultural products and zero waste, signatory of the pact for a Circular Economy 


4) Although Atens is the leading company in its sector, due to the lack of knowledge in the market, many competitors based their communication on innovation and technology, despite not being at the same level as Atens.


5) The agricultural market is cautious by nature. Constant work is needed to introduce new products. As for microorganisms, there are previous experiences of bad competition that has damaged the market to some extent.


6) The value chain is long, ranging from the distributor or cooperatives, through the farmer, to the final consumer. However, there is a common tendency among all: the search for healthier and more ecological options for world food (e.g. UN program "The Future of Food and Agriculture: Alternative Pathways to 2050": "less resources of nature, more food for all").

Based on this analysis, it has been diagnosed the need to complement the current technical positioning of Atens, with a more emotional discourse, to help it connect with its audience, both with its traditional B2B targets and with B2C targets. In this way, Atens continues to reinforce its technical and research leadership, but this time, complementing its speech with messages that speak of the passion for nature that exists in Atens and in each person involved in the agricultural chain: the farmers and all the people of the planet that are looking for more ecological food options every day.


Thus, we created a story that highlights all the traditional values of Atens was constructed. This story led this company to achieve what it is today, but from a more human and purposeful approach, which expands the position of Atens as an agricultural company, and extends to a key company in the nutritional and food role, committed to nature, the future, the circular economy, the agriculture for all, which offers food for all.



passionate about nature


we are passionate about nature

“We are passionate:

about nature,

about life,

about our roots.


We are a big family which,

generation to generation,

we nourish to nourish ourselves.


We are the earth,

the soil in which we wake,

we cultivate, everyday.


We are sustainable,

everyone’s agriculture,

food for everyone.


We are the future.

We sow today what 

we shall reap tomorrow.


We are Atens.”

Brand: Atens

Agency: NewLink Globally

Storydoer: Juliana Verissimo | stories,,


Para ilustrar BOROGODÓ® hemos desarrollado un logotipo utilizando una tipografía redondeada por ser más cercana debido a sus formas suaves e ideales para proyectos desenfadados y cercano a su público como BOROGODÓ®, donde antes de cada temporada invitan a sus suscritos a participar de una co-curaduría de marcas y productos que estarán presentes en borogodo.shop en los próximos meses.


Otro aspecto importante que tuvimos en cuenta para el diseño del logotipo de BOROGODÓ®  fue que fuera minimalista y atemporal, como la propia propuesta de borogodo.shop - ofrecer productos que sean favoritos en el armario y la casa de sus consumidoras durante años.

Por fin, quisimos transmitir toda la 'brasilidade' de la marca a través de su logotipo de manera inusitada, y lo hicimos transformando la última letra O de la palabra borogodó en el símbolo central de la bandera de Brasil, en el cual está escrita la frase 'Orden y Progreso', inspirada en el lema del positivismo, filosofía popular en la época de creación de la bandera, a finales del siglo 19.

Los colores principales de la marca igualmente fueran prestados de la bandera brasileña, pero también provienen de la exuberante naturaleza de Brasil, porque para BOROGODÓ® la naturaleza es su principal fuente de inspiración y la sostenibilidad es una condición imprescindible. Sólo trabajan con marcas sostenibles, libres de crueldad animal y que contribuyen a conservar el medio ambiente.

Por esta misma razón, en la hora de crear el material gráfico para la marca no dudamos en diseñar paquetes y embalajes con materiales reciclables y procedentes de fuentes sostenibles.

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