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We believe in changing things.

Marketing does not have to be fake.

We do real marketing.

We position brands creating meaningful stories that escape the paper and move into spaces.

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( silencio ) barcelona is an integrated health and wellness ecosystem located at the heart of Eixample, in Barcelona.


Ahead of its launch in 2021, at stories,, boutique we developed the strategic and creative positioning for the ( silencio ) brand.


After conducting local and global market research on current natural therapy (acupuncture, massage, and shiatsu among others) and yoga trends, which form the ( silencio ) portfolio of services, we determined the brand target - men and women between 30 and 55 years old with middle to upper social status in Barcelona and surroundings - and we segmented it into four groups, from novice to expert on complementary and alternative medicine (MCA): the curious, the very active, the yogies and the spiritualist.


Then we developed the communication strategy to establish a dialog with all of the ( silencio ) audience, and we devised off-line and online marketing strategies targeting each group.


This way, we positioned ( silencio ) as “a parenthesis to connect with yourself” under the ( silencio ) method of listening, orientation and expert guidance, with the goal of reaching physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance so as to be the best version of yourself each day.


The story that we built to go along with the creative strategy, which still stands today along with the claim “a parenthesis to connect with yourself”, translates everything that ( silencio ) inspires:



be the best version of yourself each day


a parenthesis to connect with yourself

We live in a noisy world

where we need moments of silence.


( silencio ) barcelona is a parenthesis

to disconnect from your external and interior noise.

A community that things and feels as you do,

where you can reach physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance,

connecting with yourself and then with others,

in the best version of yourself.

3 years later the pandemic hit and ( silencio ) had to reinvent itself in a digital environment in order to continue to connect with its audience over the two ensuing years.


In 2022, with the return to normalcy, the celebration of ( silencio )’s fifth anniversary, and the launch of its new website, we connected with ( silencio ) again, this time to reflect the brand and communication strategy in its physical space.


When ( silencio ) was born, Susana Lopez, its founder, bought the venue of an old yoga and natural therapies center as-is. Little changed at that time, the façade and a small detail here and there. The idea was to start small and grow over time.


It is for this reason that although the venue inspired ( silencio )- spacious, sunny, bright and clear - its decor didn’t reflect on the brand.


The challenge was now to let each corner of ( silencio ) breathe and reflect the brand, making the customers feel the parenthesis to connect with themselves right as they walked through the door.


We developed an Interior Branding project for ( silencio ) - interior design based on brand strategy.


We started by analyzing the whole space and identifying what transmitted ( silencio ) and what did not.


Based on available budget, we designed a proposal with decor and furniture elements aligned with the brand’s attributes, we did this for the reception area as well as the natural therapies and yoga rooms.


We followed through the provisioning process and upon delivery, we redecorated the space ourselves, ensuring a perfect Interior Branding execution.


As a final step, we made a photographic record of the new ( silencio ) barcelona space in storydoing format, putting five years of work into images. 

The photos illustrate ( silencio )'s website since April 2022, as well as all of the brand’s social media activity, which you can see here:

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