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We believe in changing things.

Marketing does not have to be fake.

We do real marketing.

We create meaningful brand stories that connect deeply with people, putting the brand at the center of their lives.

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This is the story of how storydoing inspires real stories.

eDreams invests more and more every day to get to know its customers, with the goal of offering the best online travel buying experience. To communicate this fact, eDreams invited the foremost travel and technology journalists in Europe to an event to be held in its headquarters. But, eDreams knew that their presence would be unlikely if the event was just a press conference. It should offer them an experience.


To build the story of this event, we started by researching eDreams' purpose: a people-centered company, which helps them discover their world by traveling. Then, we studied eDreams' current positioning: Horizons. It's based on inspiring people to explore their world to reach new horizons.

So, to us, eDreams is a visionary company that tries to understand the past to build the future. In other words, Horizons is the line that divides each person's interior world (their background, past experiences, their world, all of which impact their current perceptions and actions) from the outside world where they can travel (the future, new experiences, new horizons). Horizons is the line that connects people to the world. 


Thus, eDreams empowers people through technology. 

With this insight, we built a story to be the running thread through an innovative brand experience targeted at the press:



knowing yourself to have a better travel experience


the meaningful journey

5 years out, 10 years out, how are consumers going to travel?

The travel of the future isn’t about the simple touristic experience, of getting to a place and coming back.

Because where to go, what to see, what to do says more about yourself than the destination. 

It isn’t about where you have already been nor where you want to go.

It isn’t about moving in space. 

It is the expression of your feelings, your desires, your dreams.

What you have lived so far, who you are at this moment and who you want to become. 

Wherever you go, you never come back the same from a trip.

Because traveling isn’t about moving in space, but evolving in life.

It is that opportunity of meeting yourself when reaching out there.

There is no mere travel. Only meaningful journeys."

Brand: eDreamsODIGEO

Agency: NewLink Globally

Storydoer: Juliana Verissimo | stories,,

And it has connected so deeply with the company that it has become their main initiative for the year:

• a pioneering study which segmented European travelers based on their emotions and motivations for travel

• a website:

• a press event, with an innovative brand experience based on neuromarketing

• and, sure, real stories: eDreams released the documentary 'The Meaningful Journey', based on stories from its consumers

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