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We believe in changing things.

Marketing does not have to be fake.

We do real marketing.

We create meaningful brand stories that connect deeply with people, putting the brand at the center of their lives.

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Storydoing for the fashion industry?

Each fashion collection is a story that must be aligned with the history of the brand, but mainly with the people.

There are those who think that trends are what dictate people behaviour: what to wear, where to go, what colours to wear. But the truth is that people behaviour inspire the trends of the coming years.

Since 2021, Rio de Sol and stories,, co-create fashion collections inspired by the macro trends of the next season, the micro trends of swimwear, but mainly by the people who connect with the brand story, created by us in 2020.

Based on this research work on trends and people, we propose a theme and a story for the two collections launched each year by Rio de Sol, spring and high summer. A story that is the starting point for the style team to design the prints and styles of the collection. That comes to light by choosing the faces that will represent the consumers in the campaign, the location where the story will be lived. A story that is much more than words. A story which empowers consumer to truly live the story.


For the high summer of 2022, the story is:


an affirmation of the things that connect us: nature, craft and community 


the flower market

"Each Sunday, the world bursts into bloom.

With the beautiful backdrop of sunlight, a gorgeous array of cut flowers and plants lining streets around the globe.

Every week, nature delights visitors and locals, florists and the flower-obsessed with the freshest and most colourful blooms.

Fancy spending a Sunday nosing through stalls of fresh blooms and greenery while you walk marvelled at the golden feast-for-the-eyes in the mid-day sun.


There’s a lot to like about a Flower Market.

First up – many of the stalls have been in the same family for generations, with some traders selling plants from their own nurseries. It’s a real community affair.

Then there are the flowers. Stacks and stacks of them just about to open up.

Tiny gardens show eager gardeners the romantic side of gardening while the hanging plants add another shade of green to our soul.

It is a truly feast for the senses.

If you haven’t been, welcome!

If you have, it’s time to go back.

The Flower Market

The new Summer 2022 collection by Rio de Sol.

An affirmation of the things that connect us – nature, craft and community – and guide us through a time when we are all being rerouted onto new paths.


There’s nowhere more atmospheric to spend your Summer."

Client: Rio de Sol

Agency: stories,, boutique

Storydoer: Juliana Verissimo

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